General Liability Resources

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  A.M. Best Fraternity - Sorority Underwriting Guide
  Event Planning Form
  Hold Harmless Agreement Basics

Additional Insureds:
  John Liner Review (August 2004)
  John Liner Review (June 2008)

Contractual Liability:
  Rough Notes Magazine (October 2006)
  Host School Contractual Liability (Fraternal Law Nov 2009)


  Fire Safety Poster
  Fraternity House Fire Lawsuit

Mother Sues Sigma Alpha Epsilon and 20 Individuals Following Son's Death (Fraternal Law - Sept 2011)
  Insurers Won't Defend Hazing Claims (Fraternal Law - Sept 2011)

Host School Non-Indemnification Policy (Sample):

  Sigma Chi (Adopted Aug 2010)

Independent Contractors:
  Minimum Insurance Requirements
  The IRS 20 Factor Test
  Exposures and Recommendations

  Leases and Housing Agreements
  John Liner Letter (January 2007)

Volunteer Protection Act:
  Volunteer Protection Act - 42 U.S.C. 14501
  Fraternity/Sorority Volunteer Impact - Fraternal Law (September 1997)
  Lawsuit Review - Fraternal Law (September 2005)

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