Equipment Breakdown:
For Fraternity or Sorority owned property, this coverage provides insurance protection for the types of property and against the kinds of losses not covered by property insurance. 

Boilers, heating, refrigeration or air conditioning systems, computers, and virtually all other forms of electrical or mechanical equipment breakdown are protected.

Common causes of losses are:
  • explosion
  • burning or cracking
  • motor burnouts
  • electrical damage
  • power overloads
  • flood spoilage
  • mechanical breakdowns from centrifugal force or metal fatigue
80% of all claims are from electrical or air conditioning equipment. 

As with the property coverage, Replacement Cost, including Building Codes or Law & Ordinance Coverage, Loss of Income and Extra Expense protection are also provided.
** Disclaimer Notice **
This basic information has been prepared as information only!  The actual insurance policies are subject to definitions, exclusions, limitations and various other terms and conditions.  This information does not amend, extend or alter the coverage afforded by the actual policies.

Equipment Breakdown Specimen

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