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Direct Underwriting on behalf of Lloyd's of London:
James R. Favor & Company is authorized to underwrite, bind, and issue Lloyd’s insurance coverage for fraternities.  Lloyd’s has continuously served the fraternal community since 1985 making Lloyd’s / Favor & Company relationship the longest standing continuous underwriting relationship in the fraternal world.  James R. Favor is the only broker in the fraternity/sorority industry holding the "Power of the Pen" from Lloyds.  Lloyd’s is fully bound by James R. Favor & Company's decisions.  A direct underwriting relationship allows its customers immediate access to the final decision maker so that important matters can be directly discussed, mutually agreed upon and promptly implemented.
Copyrighted & Legally Tested Insurance Policies for Fraternities / Sororities:
Our unique and copyrighted Property and Liability Insurance Policies have been developed based upon our extensive experience and handling of more than 6,000 fraternity / sorority claims that represent over $60,000,000 in insurance recoveries for our customers. No customer of the company has ever suffered an uninsured or underinsured loss.  These policies provide broad protection for National Organizations, Housing Organizations, and Volunteers while controlling costs by eliminating coverage for the “Bad Actor” Chapters and Members whose conduct is contrary to the law and the fraternity’s policies. U.S. Federal Courts have uniformly enforced the policy language. 

Unique Loss Control Bonus Savings Rewarding Positive Risk Management Results:  
Our unique Loss Control Bonus Program is designed to enable our customers to earn significant premium savings through positive risk management efforts that produce above average loss ratios. Customers can earn net premium savings of up to 20% per year via our exclusive Loss Control Bonus Program. Since its inception, the Loss Control Bonus Program has returned more than $2,000,000 to participating fraternity groups. It adds an additional element of fairness and stability to promote the truly long term relationships desired by the company and its owners and underwriters. It is the only program in the fraternity world that returns added savings to its customers based on their positive underwriting results. 

Full Property Inspection and Loss Control Program:
Loss Control = Cost Control! The Company’s detailed and copyrighted physical inspection program provides an uniform objective standard for identifying and resolving potential claims exposures. The Inspection and Loss Control Program has been proven to reduce losses and provide a safer living environment for undergraduates. In addition to the physical inspections, the company’s extensive data base of fraternity claims enables our underwriters and customers to combine their resources in developing effective action and educational programs to reduce losses and control insurance costs.

Leadership in Risk Management Educational Programming:
The company has and continues to be a leader in the field of Risk Management Educational Programming for the fraternal community. The Fraternal Health & Safety Initiative was launched in 2015 to assist our clients in addressing the three most common challenges on college campuses today - alcohol and other drug abuse, sexual assaults and misconduct, and hazing. The company developed the first insurance program information and claim manuals. It also developed the first Event Planning and Loss Control Programs. It has since its inception been a leader in fraternity executive and undergraduate programs for conventions and leadership schools. It also developed the first House Corporation Risk Management Summit and has continuously assisted its customers in the development and revision of risk management policies and procedures.

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